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Luis Baños

Owner of the Luis Baños PHYSIOTHERAPY AND OSTEOPATHY clinic - Jaén- Spain and consultant to VillaReal FC Before any manual intervention, it improves the quality of the muscle to be treated and enhances the effect ...
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Gianluca Bernabei

Founder and Coordinator of the centre RRF FISIOCREA srl, Consultant since 2012 for Carpi Calcio For speedy recovery in athletes, the technique is a winner. Used at the start of each treatment, it allows us ...
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Rocco Salvatore Calabrò

Neurological researcher - I.R.C.C.S. Neuro-lesion Centre Bonino Pulejo-ME A unique method as regards its capacity for integration in our multiple neurological rehabilitation projects, the quality and operating precision of the instrument has enabled us to ...
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Claudio Bazzani

a circle spa Vibration Product Manager The enthusiasm that has sustained my dedication to vibration therapy over the last 8 years is stronger than ever: this technique has gained increasing recognition, and the scientific world ...
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