Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO can accelerate functional recovery, improving proprioception, muscle tone, endurance and muscular coordination. The beneficial effects of Vibra are apparent after just a few sessions and improvements can be observed even 24 hours after treatment. An appropriate amount of physical exercise, parallel with the treatment, increases the metabolic effect, speeding up functional recovery even further.

Advantages for

  • Faster functional recovery
  • Treatments are safe and have high therapeutic efficacy
  • Promotes a sense of well-being, predisposing the subject towards post-treatment physical activity
  • Better cost-benefit ratio compared with other types of treatment
  • Treatment is painless and relaxing, thanks also to Z.A.L. technology (reduced noise).
  • Complete safety for patients with fragile capillaries due to a reduced vacuum effect.
  • Better results also due to the possibility to integrate movement exercises during a treatment session, thanks to the new custom tubes, which are longer and more flexible, and the more secure system of attachment to the brand new transducers.

Advantages for

  • The unique nature of the treatment: the focus of the intervention is no longer the symptom; instead function is the objective.
  • The therapeutic interaction is not peripheral, it influences the Central Nervous System (CNS), generating an actual reset of the neural-motor system.
  • The results of rehabilitation programmes can be enhanced, as the treatment can be quickly and simply integrated with other appropriate therapies.
  • Reduced recovery times with a consequent reduction also in the number of treatment sessions required, improving the quality of the results obtained.
  • Outstanding versatility: can be used in the fields of Rehabilitation, Neurology, Pain Management, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Ideal for home use (VIBRA GO).
  • It is also NOT operator-dependent.
  • Low noise level to improve the quality of the working environment for the operator and to reduce patient stress.
  • Advanced technical-scientific support.


  • Luis Baños
    Owner of the Luis Baños PHYSIOTHERAPY AND OSTEOPATHY clinic - Jaén- Spain and consultant to VillaReal FC

    Before any manual intervention, it improves the quality of the muscle to be treated and enhances the effect of my work, a valid support
    in the preparation of the athlete and exceptional for post-match fatigue (DOMS), optimum vascularization and drainage
    in just one session. I predict that there will be a major development of this technique in the future.

  • Francisco Javier Alfonso Valle
    owner of the Javier Alfonso clinic - Advanced Scientific Physiotherapy, Coria, Cáceres - Spain

    A multiplicity of applications, including sports therapy, orthopedics, elderly patients with sarcopenia, neurological patients, pain management, plus extreme ease of use and
    the possibility to work both with and without a therapist, make this an instrument with unique qualities. I have three machines in my clinic and I have come to consider vibration therapy as essential to my working approach as well as a sound investment for my business.

  • Gianluca Bernabei
    Founder and Coordinator of the centre RRF FISIOCREA srl, Consultant since 2012 for Carpi Calcio

    For speedy recovery in athletes, the technique is a winner. Used at the start of each treatment, it allows us to obtain a reset of the neural-motor system and subsequently to adopt a completely different approach in the gym, thanks to improved fibre recruitment
    that produces an immediate visible change in certain essential rehabilitation parameters, such as endurance, coordination and muscle tone-mass. It has changed my approach to rehabilitation, so much so that I now use three of these instruments
    in my facility.

  • Rocco Salvatore Calabrò
    Neurological researcher - I.R.C.C.S. Neuro-lesion Centre Bonino Pulejo-ME

    A unique method as regards its capacity for integration in our multiple neurological rehabilitation projects, the quality and operating precision of the instrument has enabled us to use it in fantastic combinations with our robotic instruments (Armeo, Lokomat and Realtà Virtuale). We have already published a study on the integration of Armeo -
    Vibration. (Is two better than one? Muscle vibration plus robotic rehabilitation to improve upper limb spasticity and function: A pilot randomized controlled trial. Calabrò RS, et al. PLoS One. 2017)

  • Claudio Bazzani

    Claudio Bazzani
    a circle spa Vibration Product Manager

    The enthusiasm that has sustained my dedication to vibration therapy over the last 8 years is stronger than ever: this technique has gained increasing recognition, and the scientific world is now firmly involved. Vibra 3.0 is the device that I have long dreamed of
    in order to finally satisfy our existing markets and to establish new ones. Technology, quality, cost and internationalisation make Vibra 3.0 a unique and unrepeatable opportunity.