Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO are the only SWISS MADE systems having CE0476 medical certification and Patent Pending.

The technological heart of the two devices is the innovative technology of single-chamber flow modulation with zero air leakage (Z.A.L - Zero Air Leak technology).

Thanks to Z.A.L. Technology Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO are the only capable of provide selective focal vibration by means of air independently of the number of outputs, up to 29, or the operating frequency used:

  • the same waveform without any distortion,
  • the same pressure intensity at the set level without any appreciable leak.

This unique and certified feature guarantees the correctness of the therapy and allowed personalised treatment in accordance with actual therapeutic needs.

Z.A.L. technology significantly reduces the level of noise emitted, thereby improving the working environment for the operator and drastically reducing the stress of the patient undergoing

Two independent microprocessor control systems monitor in real time the precision and stability of the emission frequency, this being an essential requirement for both therapy and scientific research. treatment.

Using special custom tubes, which are long and flexible to also allow treatments involving movement exercises, selective focal vibration is transmitted through specific transducers which adhere to the skin of the patient and allow simultaneous treatment of up to 29 different muscle regions.

The application on the patient is given by cup-shaped or ultra-flat transducers and interchangeable tips for the single applicator pen, with diverse types and dimensions, according to the treatment to be performed.

The accessories applied to the patient are designed to make the applications as specific as possible, meeting the needs of both the operator and the patient.

Display and

The two systems are equipped with a large colour display with ultrafast touch screen, 10.1” for the Vibra 3.0 and 7” for the Vibra GO. A practical user interface facilitates system management, with guidelines available for quick startup, areas for the design of new multiphase protocols, a guide to transducer positioning, patient database and media kit area with in-depth guidance and tutorial. Finally, Vibra 3.0 is predisposed for Wi-Fi connection to enable monitoring and updates.


Dome-shaped and ultra-flat transducers

  • The dome-shaped cup transducers feature a rubber contact surface and integrated quick-attachment fitting, are easy to disinfect and have a high quality/cost ratio.

  • The different sizes of transducer (including a new ultra small transducer) increase the number of possible applications and facilitate therapeutic selectivity (e.g. ATM, speech therapy, lumbrical, paediatric and neurological applications where determination of the correct application point is essential, aesthetic applications).

  • Ultra-flat transducers are ideal for vibration massage, thanks to the adjustable hand grip and are indicated for use in conjunction with gels or creams to facilitate absorption.

  • Highly recommended for use on the supine patient, they allow treatment of agonist and antagonist muscles with the patient in a condition of total relaxation.

The single applicator pen

  • Always available for use with an infinite range of possible applications.

  • The compact and ergonomic profile of the applicator makes it easier to use.

  • The controls replicated on the handpiece with comfortable dome-shaped pushbuttons for start/stop treatment and increase/decrease pressure intensity, make it even easier for the operator to use.

  • The different applicators enable innovative and unique applications of the machine on different body regions and for different pathologies (ATM, speech therapy, lumbrical, paediatric, neurological and urological applications, aesthetic applications).

Attention to detail

  • 2 metre long power cable with V-Lock system

  • Quick-attach flow dividers, "Y-shaped" and "T-shaped".

  • The custom tubes in flexible polyurethane/polyether with low curve radius permit applications involving movement exercises and are easy to manage.

  • The availability of more colours allows for better patient management in treatments with a large number of active application points.

  • All custom accessories are housed in a special logo bag: sturdy and convenient.

  • Some Vibra accessories
  • The 10" display of Vibra 3.0
  • Vibra 3.0
  • The 7" display of Vibra Go

Vibra GO

Vibra Go

Portable version, with integral trolley, ideally-suited and certified for home use.

Download the data sheet

Vibra 3.0

Vibra 3.0

Elegant and compact appliance for use in outpatient clinics and research.

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