Applications, therapies and treatments

Vibra 3.0 uses selective mechanical-sound wave technology for the non-invasive treatment of muscular and neuromuscular pathologies, accelerating functional recovery.

Vibra 3.0 has the capacity to:

  • improve proprioception and postural balance
  • maintain and optimise muscle tone and mass
  • increase physical endurance
  • improve muscle coordination
  • reduce rehabilitation times

Vibration treatment can be used effectively in the fields of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, Pain Management, Posturology, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology and Aesthetic Medicine.

neurological rehabilitation treatments


Neurological rehabilitation treatments

VIBRA 3.0 reduces spastic muscle tone caused by central nerve injury, exploiting the neurophysiological mechanism at the levels of both the spine and cortex. Thanks to the essentially harmless nature of the treatment, VIBRA 3.0 is particularly useful in the field of neurological rehabilitation where there is muscle tone spasticity, also in children with infantile cerebral palsy. By combining treatments with a suitable rehabilitation programme, surprising results can be obtained, even in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease or SLA.

treatments for pre- and post operative muscular recovery

Pre- and

Treatments for pre- and post-operative recovery

As VIBRA 3.0 treatments stimulate the la fibres of the neuromuscular spindles, they are capable of inducing a local increase in muscle tone (Tonic Vibratory Reflex) in muscles that have become deficient as a result of pre- or post-operative immobilization. The treatments stand out for two fundamental post-surgical characteristics: absence of contraindications and high therapeutic efficacy.

pain management treatments


Pain management treatments

A certain frequencies, VIBRA 3.0 is capable of stimulating large-calibre fibres, activating gate control more selectively and faster than electrotherapy. Thanks to the possibility for frequency modulation, VIBRA 3.0 is also effective on the deep myofascial layers, using the innovative applicator pen with dedicated output and integral controls.

sports activities


Treatments to support sports activities

VIBRA 3.0 is able to induce an improvement in the use of FAST and SLOW muscle fibres of athletes, producing increased performance with reduced muscle fatigue. When treatments are used in combination with an appropriate training programme it is possible to obtain lasting improvements. Thanks to frequency selectivity, VIBRA 3.0 is also particularly effective in post strain neuromuscular recovery(DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). (Treatments NOT covered by CE marking with notified body because non-therapeutic).

Treatments for the Elderly

Treatments for
the Elderly

Treatments for the Elderly

Using appropriate stimulation parameters, treatments with VIBRA 3.0 are an effective means of reducing fall risk in the elderly (“fall prevention”) by making it possible to maintain postural efficiency, muscle tone and coordination. In fact, the treatments can help improve the quality of life for elderly people.

treatments for aesthetic medicine


Treatments for aesthetic medicine

VIBRA 3.0 is effective in the treatment of skin imperfections such as cellulite and orange-peel effect, giving rapid and lasting results. It is also capable of restoring shape and the correct volume to muscles, remodelling the face and body in a safe and non-invasivemanner. In this case, after the treatment, active work is essential to maintain the results obtained. (Treatments NOT covered by CE marking with notified body because non-therapeutic)

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PhysioBeauty technology

New protocols dedicated to functional and physiological problems that manifest themselves with imperfections such as cellulite, fat accumulation, atony, skin laxity, wrinkles and chrono-aging.
The new protocols carry out a natural, non-invasive stimulation, free of contraindications and side effects. (Treatments NOT covered by CE marking with notified body because non-therapeutic)

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