How Vibra 3.0/GO works

VIBRATIONS OF HIGH THERAPEUTIC VALUE: FUNCTION AS THE OBJECTIVE The vibrations generated by Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO are transmitted locally to cutaneous receptors through dedicated transducers placed on the muscles areas in a NON-INVASIVE manner. The selective square wave mechanical-sound vibrations interact principally with the mechanoreceptors, Golgi tendon organs and neuromuscular spindles. As each of these has a different sensitivity to vibration frequency, Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO allow selective activation through optimal control of frequency and pressure intensity. Afferents activated by the vibrations carry the exteroceptive and proprioceptive information to the spinal cord neural circuits, (where the first therapeutic interactions occur), to the sensory-motor cortex and to the cerebellum. As a result of the alterations induced by the use of specific frequencies, Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO are able to accelerate functional recovery, improving proprioception, muscle tone, endurance and muscular coordination. The beneficial effects are obtained rapidly and last over time. In combination with appropriate amount of physical activity, you can increase the effect obtained and further accelerate functional recovery.