Vibra 3.0 to support robotics at the Renzullo Clinic in Sarno

Video interview by Dr. Gianluca Sepe of the Renzullo clinic in Sarno that tells how Vibra 3.0 is central to the clinic: not only in terms of physical therapy and support for sports medicine but also in NEURORIABILATION where it is fundamental in integration with the prestigious robotic instrumentation of the clinic.

Following is the extract of the interview on Vibra 3.0

Among the other instruments present within the Robotics Area we then have the Vibra 3.0 system. What is it and who is it for?
"Precisely. Vibra 3.0 is a latest generation device that uses in fact the principle of air. Thanks to technology, it can come out with different frequencies and - based on this diversity - the therapeutic effect tends to vary. There are, therefore, different programs, the one to decongest, to strengthen and to inhibit spasticity. This last program is often linked to the use of the Lokomat. Vibra 3.0, on the other hand, plays an important role in resolving spasticity: in addition to the physiotherapy aspect, the use of Vibra 3.0 allows us, with the right frequency, to relax the muscles. Furthermore, Vibra 3.0 is recommended both in the orthopedic-sports and neurological field: in sports it is useful to cool down, strengthen and drain, where there should never be a muscle trauma ”.