Testimony VIBRA GO Rehabilitation of a young football player

At the Alba clinic of Dr. Pannullo we continue to vibrate !!

Matteo (invented name), a young soccer player, came to us for tecar sessions for a hamstring stretch diagnosed by the sports doctor who had been following him for a year, Matteo pointed out that, in a year, it was the third time he had the same injury, every time half a centimeter higher than the previous one, but still in the same area.

After the tecar sessions, after which the stretching was resolved, as stated by the doctor who followed him after a new ultrasound, Matteo complained a slight resentment when he kicked.

After an evaluation, we showed a disparity of forces between the anterior musculature of the DX leg and the posterior one which was found to be weaker, so we decided to carry out seven treatments with Vibra GO, with myorelaxant frequency on the anterior musculature of the right leg and toning frequency to improve the resistant strength in the posterior musculature, all while Matteo performed exercises to activate the affected muscles and thus increase the toning effect of the machine.

After four sessions, Matteo reported a clear improvement in the discomfort and, after seven sessions, there was a complete recovery with the complete disappearance of the annoyance that had pursued him for a year during two games played in two days, while before he played a time only as a precaution. ..

Another success thanks to VIBRA GO ... another guy who, thanks to VIBRA GO can follow his passion without problems ..